Skullgirls finally being released for the PC

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After months of being assaulted with questions by fans, Autumn Games has finally announced an update on the long-awaited PC port of Skullgirls. They have partnered up with Marvelous AQL to help release the game on PC. Soon, PC gamers will get their fix of the stylish 2D fighter that has been a console exclusive since last year.

Autumn Games says that they gave Marvelous AQL a choice between the quick option of porting the game with the same features the console versions had, or creating a port with better multiplayer support. Marvelous AQL went with the latter, which means that it will be quite a long time before this port sees the light of day. The Skullgirls website gives the port about 4 months to reach completion before being released on all major digital distributors such as Steam, Origin, Gamefly, GamersGate, and GameStop’s PC download. It’s a long wait, but it will be worth it to see expanded multiplayer function in the PC port.  Most people interested in Skullgirls already have the game on their console anyway, so it’s not like they’re keeping their fans hanging.

The game’s gained quite a following since it’s release in April 2012, and there are signs of its growing popularity. It ranked #2 behind Super Smash Bros. Melee as the fans’ choice for EVO 2013, the most prestigious fighting game tournament in the U.S. The fans’ choice game at EVO is determined by which game could raise the most money for breast cancer awareness. Skullgirls raised $78,760. Hopefully the combination of exposure on EVO, and the PC port will put Skullgirls closer to the class of mainstream of fighting games.

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