Nintendo Financial Results Briefing says Monolith Soft’s X isn’t leaving Japan in 2013

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Brace yourselves for a mini-heart-attack. Monolith Soft’s X probably won’t be released outside of Japan in 2013. Nintendo has just released its “Financial Results Briefing for the Nine-Month Period Ended December 2012.” Skip to page 10 for the news. It has a list of forthcoming 3DS and Wii U games for Japan, North America and Europe. The “brand new title developed by Monolith Software,” known better as Monolith Soft’s X, is listed under the Japan section for 2013, but not in the North American or European grids.

Of course, this is no big deal. It doesn’t mean we aren’t getting Monolith Soft’s X. It just means we aren’t getting it in 2013. Look at the list. The game doesn’t even have a release date or window. It just has the “To Be Determined” symbol in that spot. It could very well be that it won’t even be released in Japan until sometime near the end of 2013, which would mean it’d be impossible to be in other regions in until at least 2014 due to localization and such.

In the meantime, let’s savor what we do get to hear and see from Monolith Soft’s X since we probably won’t see it until 2014. Here’s the first trailer. Watch and marvel at how lovely it is.

I say it looks a lot like Xenoblade Chronicles. Which is absolutely fantastic. Nothing wrong with that. I loved Xenoblade Chronicles and if Monolith Soft’s X is a direct, or spiritual, sequel to that, I’d be more than happy.

The whole Nintendo Financial Results Briefing is a bit of a slog to read, but I recommend peeking over pages 10 and 11. Both list some games coming to the 3DS and Wii U from Nintendo and third parties in 2013 and it’s an interesting read. I’m excited to see new Tomodachi Collection and Daigasso! Band Brothers installments for the 3DS! It’s also good to know a new Smash Bros and Mario Kart will be coming to the Wii U in 2013.

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