XSEED’s 2013 lineup proves the publisher’s stronger than ever

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pandora's tower xseed
Atlus used to be our go-to company. When it came to a hot Japanese game, we would know in our hearts that Atlus would be there. Yet suddenly, in the span of a few years, XSEED Games is the company that we can really trust. While Atlus has stepped back and played things safe, primarily localizing Japanese games from its own development studio, cutting back on other localizations and publishing generic and less-than-impressive games like Rock of Ages and the forthcoming God Mode, XSEED is blazing a trail and testing its boundaries. XSEED has gone from publishing niche games like KORG DS-10, Flower, Sun and Rain, and Half-Minute Hero to providing the kinds of games that change people’s lives, like The Last Story and the entire Ys catalog.

Most importantly, this is only the start. XSEED has just announced its lineup of games for the first half of 2013 and it proves the company is even more dedicated to providing unique and quality gaming experiences to captive audiences than ever before. More importantly, it shows a company taking more risks than others and listening to its fans. Both of these prove that XSEED Games is the company we should be looking to in the future when there’s something from Japan we desperately want.

KILLER IS DEAD and Pandora’s Tower are two excellent examples of XSEED taking chances to bring games to North America that people desperately want. While KILLER IS DEAD is still much of a mystery, it’s a SUDA51 game about an unorthodox assassin and that carries a lot of heft. Not to mention the game’s name is reminiscent of Killer7, one of SUDA51’s finest GameCube games. XSEED picked it up. We didn’t even have to ask, it just did it.

Then there’s Pandora’s Tower, the last of the great Wii RPGs. Operation Rainfall lobbied for it, Xenoblade Chronicles and The Last Story to reach North America. While Nintendo acquiesed on Xenoblade Chronicles, it was XSEED that made The Last Story an option for all of us. It proved to be the company’s most successful game. Now, XSEED grabbed Pandora’s Tower too. Given the wealth of goodwill garners by considering Wii owners, it will likely see the same success. Nintendo didn’t bring it to us and I can’t imagine other smaller publishers like Atlus, NIS America or Aksys having the means or ability considering Nintendo’s usual stance on such releases. It’s only XSEED, with its now proven track record, that was able to make it ours.

xseed ys memories of celceta
The Ys series is also a major accomplishment for XSEED. The series was huge in Japan, but it was only around 2010 that it started to flourish in North America again. That’s because XSEED made the deals with Nihon Falcom to release more games outside of Japan, bringing us Ys Seven, Ys: The Oath in Felghana, Ys I & II Chronicles, Ys Origin, and soon Ys: Memories of Celceta. The Vita will get a retelling of Ys IV for their Vitas for the first time in Fall 2013. In addition, PC owners who couldn’t play Ys I & II Chronicles on a PSP will soon be able to play Ys I & II Chronicles+ on their Windows PC when it arrives on Steam in February 2013.

XSEED is even snatching away games from other publishers to make sure they’re done right. Natsume typically handles the localization and publishing duties of the Rune Factory games, though XSEED did cover Rune Factory Frontier. Well, surprise! XSEED glomped onto Rune Factory 4 and didn’t let go. As a result, 3DS owners will be playing it this summer and, judging by XSEED’s track record, it will have a splendid translation. Plus, with XSEED handling it, we won’t have to worry about constant delays. If the company says we’ll see it in summer 2013, we’ll be playing it in summer 2013.

The best part of XSEED’s rise to glory is that it isn’t forgetting the smaller games on the way up. Now that it’s capable of releasing bigger games like The Last Story, Pandora’s Tower and KILLER IS DEAD, it’s still staying true to its roots and niche fans by localizing games like Corpse Party: Book of Shadows and the forthcoming Vita game Valhalla Knights 3. It’s refreshing to see the company is not only taking on more projects and moving forwards, but is still remembering the people who helped make it more prominent with games like these.

Simply put, XSEED will be the smaller publisher gamers look to in the future. If there’s some Japanese 3DS, PS3, Vita or Wii U game people want, they’ll take their requests to XSEED because it has proven it is willing to take chances for its fanbase. It’s been helping people find fantastic games since 2006 and hopefully the success of Pandora’s Tower, KILLER IS DEAD, Rune Factory 4 and Ys: Memories of Celceta will help guarantee its prosperity for many more years.

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