Sony is teasing something big for February 20

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Now what is Sony up to now? A little while ago, the official PlayStation Twitter account linked to a video with the pretense “see the future.” The video shows a lot of colored streaks of light whizzing by while the iconic PlayStation controller letters move across the screen at various angels. The video intentionally doesn’t show us anything useful, but it has already gotten people excited about what could turn out to be a PlayStation 4 reveal.

The February 20th event won’t just be a webcast similar to what Nintendo does with announcements outside of E3. Sony is actually holding a live event in New York City on that day. Five days after this mystery announcement, Sony’s Destination PlayStation showcase will begin in Scottsdale, Arizona. Destination PlayStation is an event that’s more for retailers and business people rather than consumers or press. It’s there attendees get to try out the latest PlayStation and Vita games and services before they’re released.

If Sony does debut the next PlayStation next month, it would certainly come as a shock. It’s not shocking Sony has a follow-up to the PS3, but it will be surprising if it’s announced on an obscure date in February months before E3 starts. Sony was the last console manufacturer to enter this console generation, but it could beat Microsoft to the punch this time.

Then again, maybe the announcement isn’t the next PlayStation. Sony bought Gaikai several months back after all. We haven’t heard anything about it since, so maybe now is the time to show off the first cloud gaming service on a major console platform.

One thing is for sure – all eyes will be fixed on Sony on that fateful in February. The reactions will be interesting to see.

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