Guys! We’re really, 100% positively getting PS3 Skyrim DLC!!

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It’s real. It really is real. PS3 Skyrim DLC is actually going to show up on the PlayStation Store throughout February 2013. I… I think I need a moment to compose myself. Talk amongst yourselves. I’ll give you a topic: The Dragonborn was not a dragon when he/she was born. Discuss.

Okay, I’m better now. If Bethesda is trolling us with the lure of PS3 Skyrim DLC, then the company is starting to get mean. It has actually released solid dates for each DLC packs. Dragonborn will arrive first on February 12, 2013. It will be followed by Hearthfire on February 19, 2013. Dawnguard will close out the three on February 26, 2013. Each will be 50% off the week they’re made available. That means Dragonborn and Dawnguard will be $9.99 each and Hearthfire will be $2.49.

Of course, us PS3 owners deserve it. Do you have any idea how long we’ve waited for PS3 Skyrim DLC? Of course you do! It has been ages and we really thought it wasn’t going to happen. But now it has, and we can rejoice in the knowledge that we’ll get to experience the extra adventures that everyone else pretty much already has, only slightly later and at a lower frame-rate. Well, except for Dragonborn, since we’re getting that at about the same time as PC owners. You get the idea though.

I’m buying Hearthfire. It isn’t just that it will be ridiculously cheap. See, I want to build a fancy, new home for my hubby, Onmund. He does such a nice job tending our home-shop in Whiterun. I think he deserves something a bit nicer. Maybe adopt a couple kids too, to help him out and keep him company while I go on my awesome adventures around the world. I take good care of my househusband.

Source [Bethesda Blog]

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