iPhone and iPod Touch gaming update for February 4, 2013

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What happens when you cross a 2D platformer with a baseball RPG and a world simulation game? You get this week’s iPhone and iPod Touch gaming update full of promising games you can play right in the palms of your hands. We begin this week’s update with the homerun hitting, fan favorite from Gamevil:


Baseball Superstars® 2013 returns swinging for the fences in this free-to-play baseball game. Compete against your friends or make your way through story mode as you climb the ranks from rookie to legend. This 2013 update brings new quests and graphics to the series along with new characters.

Pixel People invites you to create your own world. Create your own residents, build up your utopia, unlock animals, and share your world on Facebook in this free sim game.

The $1.99 Domo The Journey, follows the epic quest of Domo as he tries to save his best friend from Hungry Bear. Collect items as you guide Domo in this 2D platformer through 25 levels each filled with secret areas. unlock achievements and more via future updates.


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