iPad gaming update for February 4, 2013

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This week’s iPad gaming update is full of great games with a classic board game being brought to virtual life, an excellent RPG-Sports series getting a new version, and a critically acclaimed game now available for everyone to experience.


The classic strategy board game, STRATEGO – Official strategy board game, has maneuvered it’s way to the iPad for $6.99. Challenge your friends in a game of multiplayer online or enjoy some offline single player in a quick or full game. Customize your army and use your wits to dominate your opponents and eventually the world.

Little Inferno is one of the highest acclaimed games to hit the app store and definitely is the spark of this week’s gaming update. At $4.99, is a stylish adventure that takes place in a fireplace as you burn things from logs to galaxies while unfolding a story perfect for the winter.

Baseball Superstars® 2013 returns swinging for the fences in this free-to-play baseball game. Compete against your friends or make your way through story mode as you climb the ranks from rookie to legend. This 2013 update brings new quests and graphics to the series along with new characters.


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