Twitch TV introduces Twitch Turbo, a new ad-free viewing experience

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Video game streaming site Twitch just revealed a new subscription option called Twitch Turbo. Twitch Turbo will cost $8.99 a month and will grant subscribers access to site-wide features such as no ads, more chat colors, better customer support, new emoticons and a Turbo badge. Signups for Twitch Turbo will begin at 12pm EST.

These new features are straightforward, but the real story here is how this will impact broadcasters. One way partnered Twitch broadcasters get paid is through ad revenue. Twitch Turbo subscribers won’t see any ads, but Twitch says it records every Turbo user as if they did view the ad. That way, broadcasters don’t miss out on any ad revenue. At the same time, Twitch Turbo does not override monthly subscriptions to individual channels. That’s where this service starts to get a little sketchy.

When people subscribe to a Twitch broadcaster’s channel, they are granted certain benefits. They can participate in sub-only chats, they don’t see advertisements and they can get custom emoticons. But the main reason people subscribe to channels is to support the broadcaster financially. A viewer that has no particular ties to a certain broadcaster or broadcasters may choose to pay $8.99 for a universal ad-free experience as opposed supporting individual channels. There’s a chance Twitch Turbo could end up taking money out of the pockets of broadcasters. Twitch Turbo instantly becomes a better value proposition when compared to multiple subscriptions.

Twitch seems to be very open when it comes to taking suggestions on how to improve its service. Perhaps Twitch Turbo will be adjusted to offer a better overall experience for broadcasters and well as viewers. After all, Twitch is nothing without broadcasters.

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