Guardians of Middle Earth is free tomorrow for PlayStation Plus

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PlayStation Plus members are getting another freebie tomorrow in the form of Guardians of Middle Earth. This Lord of the Rings MOBA (multiplayer online battle arena) title was just released in December of 2012 and will be free until March 4. The European PS Plus faithful are getting Sleeping Dogs as one of their free games. Despite the price difference between these two titles, it’s clear that Sony is willing to give away relatively new games to get more subscribers.

Guardians of Middle Earth isn’t your typical button mashing LOTR game. Since this is a MOBA, you’ll be controlling a hero while the computer dictates the actions of your allies. The goal is to overwhelm the enemy with strategy and push them back until their ranks crumble. Throughout the battle, your character gets stronger as more enemies are defeated. Winning in a MOBA game takes more than brute strength. Without a clear direction of how you’re going to win, you’ll find yourself at a stalemate until someone wises up.

Some other PS Plus offerings include 50% off the regular $9.99 price of Karateka. In our PC review for the game, we found it to be entertaining, but too short and repetitive considering its price. Big Sky Infinity will be being reduced to $4.99 and Knytt Underground will set you back $8.99.

So, how do you like this month’s offerings so far? There will be more exclusive PS Plus content in the coming weeks, but it never hurts to start on the right foot.

Source [PlayStation Blog]

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