Skylanders SWAP Force debuting at Toy Fair 2013, will require another investment

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Skylanders SWAP Force
Oh Activision, why do you keep doing this to us? We’re still in the midst of Skylanders Giants mania, so why did you have to go and announce Skylanders SWAP Force? Let us savor what we have, especially since some of us (hint: me) don’t even have the Hot Dog Skylander we’ve wanted ever since it’s been announced! But, I suppose that’s the way it works. You can’t pause, you have to keep going. So go ahead, show off Skylanders SWAP Force at the New York 2013 Toy Fair on February 10-13, 2013. We’ll just look on in envy.

See, the thing about Skylanders SWAP Force is that it sounds like it will make the Skylanders formula even better and more expensive. It will have 56 new characters. Of that, 32 will be completely new with 16 being SWAP Force figures and 16 being new Skylanders. Of the others, 16 will be new versions of returning Skylanders and Skylanders Giants characters and 8 will be LightCore figures that are existing characters that will light up when placed on the Portal of Power.

The SWAP Force characters are what will make Skylanders SWAP Force really special and wallets cry. These are the figures that will be interchangeable. (What?!) Yes, these figures consist of a top and bottom part which can be interchanged with other SWAP Force figures. Powers are tied to each half, so you can customize to create your own figure or use them as-is. Which means that naturally kids (and adults, probably like me) will want a full set.

Activision hasn’t said if Skylanders SWAP Force will be backwards compatible with previous Skylanders figures, but I’m sure it will. It would only make sense. So again, if you buy this game when it eventually comes out, you’ll still have a decent stable of available figures ready to use.

A release date hasn’t been mentioned for Skylanders SWAP Force yet, and we probably won’t get one until E3 2013. Of course it’ll definitely be released in time for the holiday shopping season, so I’d say October or November 2013 is a safe bet. So let’s save up and prepare to beat Kaos again with the new Skylander warriors from Cloudbreak Islands.

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  • Melissa

    Jenni, I heard that the old toys will be compatible but this is not going to stop kids from wanting the new ones. I also heard that the old portal of power will not work with the old game which is sort of a bummer. With all the new characters, you are right this is going to be expensive. However, our family is excited for the new game. Now you can actually jump. We can’t wait.