Here’s where you can buy your Ouya in June 2013

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You’re going to start wishing you either Kickstarted or pre-ordered the Ouya earlier soon. It turns out only people who went through Kickstarter or the official Ouya website will get their systems in April 2013. The rest of us have to wait an extra two months. The official Ouya launch for those who were uncertain is now June 2013.

You can’t even go to the Ouya website and hope for a last minute reprieve. All orders made through there now have a June 2013 delivery date as well. So we’re doomed! We all have to wait!

Which isn’t a terrible thing.

I mean, look at it this way. Those of us who didn’t immediately buy in aren’t the guinea pigs. Let the other Ouya owners discover what’s going on and then, when the massive wave of Ouya hits in June, we’ll know if its really a good investment. The game library will probably be much better by then as well.

Besides, it means we can actually go to a retail store to get our Ouyas and not have to worry about having them shipped to our homes. Best Buy, GameStop and Target will be carrying the system for $99.99. Or, if you do prefer to shop online, you can place orders through Amazon, Best Buy, GameStop or Target right now if you don’t want to go through the official Ouya website.

There’s one more thing this delay allows for – comparison shopping! The GameStick, Ouya’s direct competitor, will be released in April 2013. I’d recommend waiting until June and then looking at both consoles. See what people thing of each one. Look at the game libraries available. If possible, even test them out. Those of us who waited get to be informed consumers. By the time we’re able to buy the Ouya, we’ll know if it or the GameStick is the right decision.

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