PlayStation Home Arcade reintroduces Vita owners to the classics

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Vita owners need to stop by the PlayStation Store today to pick up PlayStation Home Arcade. We may not have the Second Life-ish app on our systems, but we now have its arcade. The collective of classics is being released as a free app for our handhelds and through it we can play some pretty awesome games. Some are free, most are not, but it’s definitely worth checking out after the PlayStation Store updates February 5, 2013 because why not.

PlayStation Home Arcade does come with two free games after all. Once you pick up the free app, you automatically get Icebreaker and WipEout 2D for free as well. There are no restrictions or secret loopholes. When you get the app, you also get both games and they will never cost you money.

Now, the rest of the library you’ll have to pay for if you want it. Asteroids, Astrosmash Gen2, Centipede, Frogger, Mad Blocker, Scribble Shooter, Shark! Shark! Gen2 and Time Pilot are there for the taking as well, but cost $1.49 each. On the plus side, they’re cross-buy games. If you buy any of them for the Vita version of the PlayStation Home Arcade, you’ll also be able to play them when you’re logged into PlayStation Home on your PS3. Vice-versa, if you use PlayStation Home and already own any of the above games, you can download them to your Vita at no extra cost.

Unfortunately, only one of the above PlayStation Home Arcade games has a demo. It’s Scribble Shooter. I suppose that makes sense though, as all of the other games are ports or remakes of existing classics and you’d already know what you’d be getting with them.

I’m definitely buying at least two of the games. As a girl who grew up with Intellivision, I need some Astrosmash Gen2 and Shark! Shark! Gen2 on my Vita. And, when Night Stalker Gen2 is eventually released for the Vita’s PlayStation Home Arcade, I’ll grab that too. Besides, $1.49 is a pittance for what I know are good games, considering what people sometimes have to pay for ports like these elsewhere.

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