Pay what you want for McDroid, a third-person tower defense game

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A new game from a developer called Elefantopia released today for PC, Mac and Linux called McDroid. McDroid is an action strategy game that also contains some tower defense elements. You play as a droid that crash lands on a hostile planet. On every level, the planet’s dwellers (nasty looking bugs) come out the ground to munch on your ship. Luckily your droid is equipped with weaponry that it can use itself, or mount them on power nodes to turn them into turrets. Sound interesting? If so, you can purchase the beta version of McDroid from Indie Game Stand for $10. You can also choose to pay whatever you want for this title for the next 82 hours.

I downloaded the demo for McDroid earlier today. The first thing that caught my eye was its cell-shaded art style. The three levels in the demo cover the basics such as weapon purchases, tower placement and strawberry planting. That’s right, you have to plant strawberry seeds because that’s the game’s currency. The strawberries you collect can be redeemed for coins that can be used to buy weapons, armor and health. Gems will also appear occasionally that are used to research new equipment.

Other features include a four-player cooperative mode and an arena mode. Of course with this being a beta, various changes can be made before its final release.

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