Dead Island sells over 5 million copies

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Deep Silver recently announced that they have sold over five million copies of their first person zombie shooter Dead Island since its release in September 2011. It just goes to show you, you put your game up for cheap every time a Steam sale comes around, you’ll eventually sell a number of copies that you can be proud of.

Still, why make the announcement about Dead Island‘s sales two years after the release? I suspect it’s because Deep Silver wants to gather up publicity for their sequel Dead Island: Riptide. I think there’s also the fact that they recently made a rather unusual move of including the statue of a dismembered torso to include with their European and Australian editions. Honestly, I feel like that there was more publicity in a controversial piece of special edition swag choice than there is just ticking off sales numbers of a two year old game.

Whether or not the press release is just a PR distraction from their particularly graphic decisions as of late, or that they want to warm up their investors for the potential sales of Dead Island: Riptide.From the sounds of the press release, the company wants to make Dead Island the next big franchise. I don’t think 5 million unit sales in the course of two years really counts as the makings of a franchise. It just shows that the developers are very patient to see how well their game will sell.

Take Call of Duty for example. Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 sold over eleven million units in their first week alone. When you put that up against five million units in the course of two years, Deep Silver’s “accomplishment” is just hype. When you factor in the recent controversy that was stirred up, the press release sounds like a desperate bid to distract potential players from a ill-conceived idea.

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