The Xbox 360 is the first console to support Redbox Instant

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The Xbox 360 will soon receive yet another video application called Redbox Instant by Verizon. Redbox Instant is a video streaming service that’s currently in beta. It contains a library of movies that can be streamed over the internet, but it also gives subscribers four credits to rent physical Redbox DVDs every month for $7.99. The public launch of Redbox Instant is expected to occur within the next couple months.

Don’t worry, existing beta testers won’t have to wait that long to try Redbox Instant on Xbox 360. According to the Redbox Instant Twitter page, special codes to access the app will be sent out in a couple weeks.

Other consoles such as the PS3 and Wii U aren’t necessarily out of the race for getting Redbox Instant. It just may take a little while longer for the service to launch on those platforms since Microsoft snagged an exclusive console deal. If you don’t want to use the Xbox 360 for Redbox Instant, it’ll also become accessible on a range of devices such as smart TVs, Blu-ray players, Google TV and more. The Android and iOS applications are already available.

I took a look at Redbox Instant a few weeks ago for our sister site GadgeTell. I found the movie selection to be a bit dated and obscure. The video quality was also something I wanted to see improved. Then again, that’s what betas are for right? Netflix killer it’s not, but it’s certainly a service to keep an eye on.

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