$1 million Call of Duty tournament in the works

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To be honest, I don’t know why the Call of Duty leagues haven’t gotten to this point sooner. Call of Duty, whether you like it or not, has become a sort of phenomenon among both hardcore and casual gamers alike. When a game sells over 11 million copies the first week of its release, you can say it’s pretty popular. Now Microsoft and Activision have announced they will be holding a 32 team tournament for the grand prize of one million dollars.

It’s also perfect for the e-sports arena as well. The games rarely change the formula with each sequel. You get more or less the same game play with Call of Duty: Black Ops as you do with Black Ops 2. It’s sort of the Madden of first person shooters. Sure you have killstreak rewards, but there are ways to disable killstreak rewards too. With that out of the formula, you have a reasonably balanced game.

As usual though, I feel like there’s some sort of sinister, corporate side to this as well. For one thing, I think this may be the first time a publisher has actually gone ahead and created a league for their own game. I don’t recall Bungie creating their own Halo league when its game started getting played at tournaments. There has to be some sort of hidden agenda here. Corporate entities don’t do these kinds of things for no reason.

You need to be a Call Of Duty Elite member in order to enter the tournament, but since a Call Of Duty Elite membership is more or less free, I doubt it’s that. It could be a push to get more game sales, but the people who would be interested in the tournament already have the game, and probably shelled out the money for the DLC to keep in prime tournament form.

Maybe my cynicism is unfounded, because I got nothing. If you’re a hardcore Call of Duty player, start climbing the ladder because only the top players in the February session of league play will go on to LA to play for the million dollar prize.

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