[Video] Run your very own arcade in Arcadecraft for XBLA

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Arcadecraft by Firebase Industries is a new Xbox Live Indie game that’s bound to gain a lot of popularity. Not only is it super cheap at 240 Microsoft Points ($3), but it also capitalizes on the nostalgic arcade period of the 1980s. In Arcadecraft, you play as the proprietor of a new neighborhood arcade. It’s your job to purchase arcade cabinets, set their prices and difficulty, optimize their locations on the floor and spruce up the arcade itself to gain popularity. 

Arcadecraft has the same kind of extremely compelling gameplay we’ve seen from Kairosoft games such as Game Dev Story. You start off with a certain amount of money and must turn a profit in order to stay in business. As your customers spend money at the arcade, you have to empty the coins out of the machine to add to your overall wealth. As time goes on, machines will become outdated which will impact their popularity and the amount of money it makes. You can either sell those machines, or hold on to them to add a retro charm to your arcade. You’ll also have to deal with vandals, repair broken machines and deal with occasional special events that I won’t spoil for you here.

Trust me, this is a game that will take up hours of your time whether you want it to or not. For a more in-depth look at Arcadecraft, check out our gameplay video below.

Xbox Marketplace Link [Arcadecraft]

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