Let’s rank the next Xbox rumors by believability

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next xbox rumorsThe next Xbox will be the most powerful system ever. No, the next Xbox will block the ability to play used games. No, those are just silly next Xbox rumors! The reality is that the every Xbox 720 will be delivered to its new owner by a unicorn!

We’re hearing a lot of next Xbox rumors lately simply because it will be coming soon. We know Microsoft is working on it and that it wants to have it out around the same time as the PlayStation 4. However, we don’t have any real details yet. Everything is just talk and speculation. Still, you can learn a lot from rumors and even if you don’t, they’re good for a laugh.

So instead of addressing all the next Xbox rumors separately, I’ve gathered them all together in one article. I’ll go over what we’ve heard, then offer a little insight as to whether or not it can be believed. We’ll go from the rumors you can probably trust to the ones that will not happen.

  • The next Xbox will still offer the same old, Xbox Live Gold experience and still cost $59.99 per year. Yes, I admit it, we’re starting with a next Xbox rumor. And I also think it’s a given. Microsoft already knows it can get people to pay $60 a year for the right to play online and use services like Netflix, so there’s no chance it’s going to suddenly change its mind and start offering free online multiplayer and access to media apps like Nintendo and Sony. And heaven forbid Xbox Live Gold turned into a service like PlayStation Plus! Rumor Rank: I hope you enjoy paying $60 per multiplayer.
  • The Xbox 720 will be revealed in March and hit stores in time for the 2013 shopping season. This is another sure thing. Microsoft is going to want to be in there competing with Nintendo and Sony and isn’t going to delay. Why else would Major Nelson post a countdown to E3 timer?Rumor Rank: You’ll see at E3 2013.
  • The reason Gears of War: Judgement is the only Xbox 360 exclusive is because all the others are unnanounced Xbox 720 games. Yes. Rumor Rank: Duh.
  • The next Xbox may ship with an improved version of Kinect. I don’t think we even have to spend much time on this one. Microsoft definitely has a better version of Kinect planned and probably one of the launch console bundles will include it. Rumor Rank: Practically guaranteed.
  • Skype will be available on the next Xbox. I’m sure it will be. It will probably also work with the next Kinect to allow video chatting. I doubt it will be in place when the Xbox 720 launches, but it will be available within the first year.Rumor Rank: It’ll happen eventually.
  • The Durango’s tech specs are x64 8-core CPU and 8GB DDR3 RAM. I’m not awesome when it comes to deciphering tech lingo like that, but the memory and CPU specs sound about right for a next generation Xbox. Especially since the Xbox 360 had a PowerPC-based, 3-core CPU and 512MB of GDDR3 RAM. Rumor Rank: Probably true.
  • All Durango games will have an activation code to shut out the used game market. I don’t think this next Xbox rumor is completely wrong, but I don’t think it’s completely right. I think publishers are going to continue the online pass or season pass program with major games, but I don’t think all games will have them. Personally, I think this rumor would be 100% true if instead it was something like, “All games published by Microsoft for the Durango will have an online pass or season pass.” Rumor Rank: It has some truth to it, but is driven by conspiracy theories.
  • The next Xbox will require an always online internet connection to play. Ha! No. See, Microsoft likes money, and there aren’t enough people out there with internet stable enough to take a chance on an always-online console. Besides, what if there was an internet outage? Unless the Xbox 720 relies solely on cloud gaming, this is just another silly next Xbox rumor. Rumor Rank: Ever seen the movie, Conspiracy Theory?
  • The Xbox 720 won’t have a disc drive. Nope. The failure that was the PSPgo showed people weren’t ready for a handheld device that couldn’t read physical media, so there’s no way Microsoft would take a chance on an all digital console. It’ll probably read Blu-ray discs and all games will be available simultaneously in-store and on Xbox Live Arcade. Rumor Rank: That’s crazy talk.
  • The next Xbox will be cheaper than the Xbox 360. I thought I’d close this out with an old rumor that clearly has to be a joke. No one ever really thought the Durango would be cheaper than the Xbox 360, right? Rumor Rank: You clearly haven’t seen what Microsoft charges for its Xbox 360 Entertainment for All Plans.

So there you go, all the next Xbox rumors in one tidy list. Hopefully it helps you put what we possibly know about the new console into perspective. Now that you’ve read the gossip, what do you think? Will you buy one, or will you go for a PS4 or Wii U instead? Personally, I’m waiting on all the new consoles. I’m really happy with my 3DS and Vita at the moment and want to see what the Durango and PS4 initial game libraries are like before I make a decision.

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