Android Amusements: Crazy Concert

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Hey everyone and welcome to a slightly delayed installment of Android Amusements. Slightly delayed because I was busy – if you need an explanation, I think “because Fire Emblem awakening covers it. Once I realized the day, I decided to make this installment fun by deciding to cover Crazy Concert. See, sometimes I’m a sucker for a bad game. So when I realized I was late, I went into the Amazon App Store and picked out one of the lowest rated music games I could find. When I saw the soulless eyes of the covergirl for Crazy Concert, I knew I had a winner. The fact that there was a free version helped too.

Crazy Concert is a music game along the lines of Dance Dance Revolution. Players tap or slide on one of the two to four on-screen buttons when indicators appear in the line while generic, original music plays. There are Freeplay and Tour options where you can play one or two songs whenever you’d like or attempt to become famous and earn fans by going on Tour.

Let me start by saying that Crazy Concert exceeded my expectations. Despite both Google Play and the Amazon App Store saying my tablet could run this app, it took three install attempts to actually work. I first tried downloading it from the Amazon App Store. It installed, but when I tried to play it, it wouldn’t load. I uninstalled it. I tried again, downloading it through Google play. It wouldn’t load. I decided to give it one more chance with another Amazon App Store download and this time it worked. I was soon about to perform my first concert.

I decided to go with a Freeplay song because why not. Also because the Tour mode supposedly had locked segments in the free version so I figured I could work out the basic gameplay elements for this write-up with a few Freeplay experiences. I figured if it decided to crash, since a lot of the negative reviews on both Amazon and Google Play said it had a tendency to do so, that it’d be best if I didn’t try to make any serious progress. I decided to choose “Meltdown” , because it had the same name as a Kagamine Rin song I love. Naturally, it is not the same song. I was also given the option to customize how I wanted the game to play, choosing how many rows of buttons I wanted to tap and swipe, if I wanted only tapping, only swiping or a mix of the two and how fast I wanted it to be.

I kinda wish I could say the Crazy Concert experience was horrible so I could make fun of it, but it really wasn’t that bad. The presentation was a bit bland, but it was easy to see what I had to do at all times and that’s all you really need in a music game. The ability to customize the songs was actually really nice and I think it added a bit of replay value to the game. I did have some trouble with the swiping notes originally and I can imagine some people will have to spend some time on easier difficulty level songs figuring out the right timing for inputs. Once you do figure out the right timing for inputs, you’ll want to speed it up and make the game more difficult, as Crazy Concert is way too simple otherwise.

The only other real downside about Crazy Concert was that the free version’s 30 songs were previews and not the full versions. Also, while the music is decent, sometimes even good, it was pretty generic and none of the songs had vocals. However, one of those afflictions can presumably be fixed by picking up the $1.99 full version of the app from the Amazon App Store. I say presumably because while I didn’t think Crazy Concert was all bad, I didn’t dig it enough to spend real money on it.

That’s the other thing about Crazy Concert. The full version on Amazon is $1.99, but the full version on iTunes is $0.99. There’s no difference between the two games, so I can’t see why the Android version is $1 more.

Overall, I’d say Crazy Concert isn’t so bad for a no-name, generic music game. It has some issues, but I’ve seen a lot worse in my experimentation with bad games. I would strongly recommend trying the free version before paying for it though, to make sure you can actually play it.

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