The cat token will replace the iron in Monopoly

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The iron is so 2012. I mean really, it’s call about the cat token now. The Monopoly fans know it, and that’s why the Save Your Token promotion has resulted in the iron being shoved into a cut-rate retirement facility so the cat can take its place on the game board with the battleship, boot, car, dog, hat, thimble and wheelbarrow.

The Monopoly Save Your Token campaign started in early January 2013 and ran until February 5, 2013. The goal was for fans to go online, vote for one of the eight classic tokens they couldn’t live with out, and then vote for one of the five new tokens they needed in their lives. Yesterday, the polls closed and the votes were tallied. Then today, on the Today Show, the winner was revealed. You all must love cats, because the cat has won. It was then that people also knew the iron would be gone from their lives forever.

You’ll have your chance to buy a copy of Monopoly with the cat token in a few weeks. Hasbro says Target will be selling the Monopoly Golden Token edition will be selling it for $17.99 in the middle of February 2013 for a limited time. It will probably be until supplies run out and that version will have all the classic tokens – the car, battleship, boot, hat, iron, Scottie dog, thimble and wheelbarrow – and the five new token candidates – the cat, guitar, helicopter, ring and robot. If you want a standard version with the cat, wait until Spring 2013.

Hasbro has also yet to say when the cat token will appear in virtual versions of Monopoly. I’m sure games will be receiving some kind patch in the coming weeks to make sure the digital incarnations of Monopoly match the physical.

I have to admit that while I did vote for the cat, I’m sad to see the robot wasn’t picked as the new token. I love cats and all, but that robot token was really detailed. Though really, I’m just glad that the ring didn’t win. That would have been a silly token. Some kid would probably try to wear it or use it with their dolls and then it’d disappear and be gone forever.

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