J.J. Abrams and Gabe Newell talk about possible Portal or Half-Life movie

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Still nothing on Half-life 2 Episode 3, but a recent talk with Gabe Newell and J.J. Abrams at the D.I.C.E submit revealed plans for two of Valve’s beloved franchises: movies. Okay, so it’s not the long awaited Episode 3 announcement we’ve been looking forward to for the longest time, but the fact that Valve is considering making Portal and Half-Life movies is just as intriguing.

Their talk at the D.I.C.E summit seemed like an conversation between two industry geniuses, discussing the mechanics of storytelling in their respective mediums. As the conversation went on, things started to get interesting. According to Polygon, this is how the conversation changed gears:

Newell started out by saying, “We’ve reached the point where we decided to do more than just talk.”

“There’s an idea we have for a game that we’d like to work with Valve on,” said Abrams.

Gabe chimed in, “We’re super excited about that and we also want to talk about making movies, either a Portal movie or a Half-Life movie.”

Not one, but two announcements, and both of them with some groundbreaking possibilities. If there is anyone I’d trust with the Half-Life and Portal franchises, it would be J.J Abrams. His recent movies, Star Trek, and Super 8 give him a lot of cred, especially with the sci-fi genre. There might be a problem with creating a movie where both of the protagonists are completely silent, but I feel that Abrams can handle it.

What intrigues me more is what kind of game J.J. Abrams has in mind. Games are much more different than movies, and while I’m confident in J.J. Abrams’ abilities in the movie business, I’m not quite sure if that skill will translate well in a video game. I really just want to know more about what kind of game Abrams has in mind. Is he going to do some high concept, experimental game, or is the game going to be a more traditional genre with a unique story?

So no, no news on Episode 3. However, this is the only news on the Half-Life franchise so far, and at this point, any news is good news.

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