You could technically consider your 2013 Ouya a limited edition

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If you really want to get super technical, each year’s Ouya could be considered a limited edition model. Let me explain. Julie Uhrman, CEO of Ouya, told Engadget that every year there will be a new Ouya. It’s not that the company wants to try and extort more money from customers, but that it wants to take advantage of rising prices and incremental technology upgrades to make sure every year people have the best Ouya you can get.

The way Uhrman looks at it, an Ouya is a lot like an iOS device or Android smartphones and tablets. The technology moves so fast and prices drop for parts, resulting in vastly improved devices every year. She wants to do the same thing with the Ouya to make sure that it’s always able to handle the best games and continually deliver a better performance, while still ensuring that every new Ouya will work perfectly with all past Ouya games.

People who don’t want to upgrade to a different Ouya every year should be fine, as I’m guessing the technology won’t move so fast that people who buy it in 2013 will only have one or two years of games. People who don’t mind upgrading two or three years down the road, however, will find that they easily can and that their games will be tied to their user account so every Ouya they ever own will be able to play them.

I don’t think it’s a bad idea and business model, but I also don’t think it was very smart for Uhrman to tell Engadget this at DICE 2013. I mean, you don’t want people who are considering buying the new console in June 2013, or who already pre-ordered and are expecting their Ouya in April 2013, that a year from now a newer, better model will be released. It might cause hard feelings and regrets for the people who already bought one and could make people who haven’t decide to wait until the next Ouya comes out in 2014.

Source [Engadget]

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