You only hunt with locals in Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate

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Do you remember that thrill you had the first time you were able to play a video game with someone halfway around the world from you and how, for one moment, the two of you bonded despite language barriers? That won’t happen with Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate. Capcom has decided to go with region-locked servers, which makes absolutely no sense considering there are no language barriers.

Capcom doesn’t offer a reason for the region-locked Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate servers. It just says that there will be separate servers for Japan, North America and Europe and people who own the system and game from one region will only be able to take on multiplayer quests from people from the same area.

I could think of one reason for the split. Monster Hunter is far more popular in Japan than it is in other regions and perhaps Capcom felt Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate needed a separate server there to handle the load. I can’t understand the reasoning for the split between North America and Europe though. As I mentioned earlier, this is a game with no language barriers. You can play with other people without sending any messages, relying on the game itself to provide each player with the mission objectives and guidelines. I doubt its popular enough to overload servers in North America and Europe.

I have a pretty good idea of how Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate‘s online multiplayer will go now that Capcom has made this decision. Three months after launch in North America and Europe, players won’t be able to form a good party unless they call or email all their Wii U owning friends and arrange a hunting night. It’ll happen. Only if you have a Wii U though, because 3DS owners have it even worse – they don’t even get online multiplayer so they only get to hunt with friends if they sit in the same room as them.

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