ZombiU Wii U Deluxe bundle is gnarly

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Oh Nintendo, why did you have to just announce the ZombiU Wii U Deluxe bundle? You know I’m low on cash but desperately craving a Wii U after playing Pikmin 3, seeing Yarn Yoshi and hearing about SMT x Fire Emblem. You don’t just suddenly announce a new bundle with everything a new Wii U owner could possibly want and more when someone’s in that kind of state! It’s just plain mean.

Well, maybe you more fiscally solvent people out there will get more out of the ZombiU Wii U Deluxe bundle. This $389.99 bundle includes everything a new Wii U owner could possibly need to get him or herself started. they get a 32GB Wii U, a matching black Pro Controller, NintendoLand, ZombiU and a ZombiU behind-the-scenes booklet only available in this set. This set also qualifies for the Digital Deluxe Promotion, which gives people 10% back in points on Wii U eShop purchases until December 2014. The ZombiU Wii U Deluxe bundle is definitely a big’un.

But, is the ZombiU Wii U Deluxe bundle really a good deal? Actually, yes. A Wii U Deluxe Set is $349.99 and comes with the 32GB system and NintendoLand. A Pro Controller is $49.99 and ZombiU is $59.99. All together, that’s $459.97. If you’re already planning on buying ZombiU the minute you buy a Wii, it’s a much better deal to get the bundle. Then, it’s like you’re getting the game for free. You’re still paying for the Pro Controller though!

Actually, I’m kidding when I say the ZombiU Wii U Deluxe bundle is what could make me cave. It’s not. A Pikmin 3 or Super Mario Bros. Wii U bundle though… now that would be hard to resist! I think it’s because ZombiU is more of a niche game. It’s not bad, but descriptions make it sound like a very difficult, survival-horror rogue-like. It’ll be an interesting game, but also involve quite a learning curve.

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