At the Gates from Civ 5 designer blows past its Kickstarter goal in a few days

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At the Gates, an upcoming title from Conifer Games, has met its goal on Kickstarter after three days. Conifer Games was founded by Civilization V designer Jon Shafer who decided to create his own studio to create At the Gates. This empire-building game puts you in control of a somewhat uncivilized kingdom that has the ultimate goal of taking down the Roman empire. It’s sort of a like a rags to riches story.

Conifer Games required $40,000 to complete development on At the Gates. The game is currently playable (as demonstrated by Shafer in a near 15 minute video), but it’s still very early in development. The final product isn’t expected to be released on PC until June 2014. Conifer Games also pledged to support At the Gates after it comes out through title updates.

Considering how quickly At the Gates reached funding, it’s reasonable to assume it’ll make at least one stretch goal. If $50,000 is pledged, At the Gates will support XML modding which will alter the way units and terrain work. $60,000 will enable map editing, $70,000 opens up DLL mod support for customization of the AI and map generation and $85,000 will ensure At the Gates has 10 playable factions.

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