Second SimCity beta happening after Valentine’s Day

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simcity beta
If you missed out on your chance to play the SimCity beta for an hour January 25-28, 2013 and that lost opportunity has been eating away at you, you have a chance to relive that moment. EA is rerunning the closed SimCity beta next weekend so anyone who missed out can savor an hour of city management ahead of the game’s March 5, 2013 launch.

EA hasn’t said too much about what the second SimCity beta will involve. It pretty much sounds like the same old, same old. It’s an hour scenario again, just like the first beta. It will only be available for February 16-17, 2013, so it’s just as limited as the original. EA has said that this closed beta is supposed to better than the original in some way, but hasn’t revealed exactly how. Maybe the developers made some tweaks in response to bug reports regarding glitches or other issues. I don’t know. None of us will until February 16, it seems.

If you want in, you have to go through the same process you did for the first SimCity beta. You sign up at the official website before February 11, 2013. You make an Origin account, agree to a Beta Testing Agreement and then wait for an email next weekend. If you get it, you log into Origin, download the beta and play for an hour. It only lasts one hour, but once it’s over you can repeat that same session ad nauseum, if you’d like.

EA also says that pre-ordering SimCity guarantees you access to the SimCity beta, but I’d recommend just taking your chances. It’s always best to try the game before making any kind of commitment. See what you think of your hour as a city planner/manager/mayor before spending $59.99 on the game. Once you’ve had your fun, you’ll know if you’re okay with the new, more social approach to SimCity. Just remember, you always have to be online to play!

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