If Canabalt HD had parkour, it would be Vector

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Vector is a game that presents itself so well, I just had to write something about it. Vector is a new running game for Android that clearly takes some inspiration from Canabalt, but there are a couple key differences. Unlike Canabalt, Vector is broken into levels instead of being an endless runner. The other big difference is Vector’s constant use of parkour. 

Your character runs by himself, but you’ll have to swipe up, down and forward in order to navigate around obstacles and outrun your pursuer. If you time your swipes just right, your character will perform these really fluid parkour animations. It really is a sight to behold.

As you progress through the levels, you’ll obtain coins that can be used to purchase more parkour moves, clothing and powerups. You’ll have to replay levels to get all the coins necessary to purchase moves.

There is a free version of Vector available, but you can pay $0.99 for more levels, no ads and more the ability to earn more coins. You can also try it out on Facebook.

The one thing I have to knock Vector for is occasional lag. There times when things slow to a crawl on my Nexus 7. I would also like if overall movement was sped up just a tad. I need to feel that speed!

Google Play Link [Vector]

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