Level 99, shiny Magikarp is such a troll pokemon

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shiny magikarpHere’s a hilarious way to start your weekend – Nintendo will be giving away a very special event pokemon in Japan. Would you like a shiny Magikarp? Because if you search the global trading system after March 20, 2013, you might just find one.

The Nagoya, Japan Pokemon Centre is handling the distribution, so only people who visit that particular store in Japan with Pokemon Black Version 2 and White Version 2 can download a shiny Magikarp. The pokemon looks as it does at the right. It’s all golden and shiny. It also happens to be at level 99 and know bounch, flail, hydro pump and splash. A rare candy is attached as well, presumably so people could apply it to their new golden, shiny Magikarp and get a level 100, red shiny Gyarados.

Which means we’re about to see an influx of ridiculousness hit the GTS in Pokemon Black Version 2 and White Version 2. Think about it. People out there are going to get this pokemon and offer it up for trade. Except they’re going to turn this shiny Magikarp into a troll pokemon. They’re going to take that rare candy, apply it so the pokemon reaches level 100, then stop the evolution so it’s trapped as a shiny Magikarp forever.

Seriously, they will. Do you know how I know? Because it’s totally something I would do. I’d train that Magikarp as a badge of honor and I’d probably even use it battles.

So there you go – keep your eye out for shiny Magikarps! They’ll be distributed in Japan from March 20-May 6, 2013, so I’m sure we’ll be seeing quite a few of them online. Be careful though, as some people may try to artificially manufacture shiny Magikarps after this with Action Replays. You’ll know if your shiny Magikarp is authentic if it is in a Cherish Ball.

Source [Famitsu (Japanese)]

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  • Alex

    How’s that work again? Did they finally allow pokemon in cherish balls to be traded on the GTS?

  • Chad

    Yes I was wanting to know what is The Action Replay to getting The Nagoya Level 99 Shiny Magikarp holding Rare Candy? I looked everywhere on my internet and nothing is showing up? Some1 help me before I suffer a phsyduck headache looking all over for it. Thanks