Band Hero bundles now $30 at Tuesday Morning

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band hero bundleReady for a blast from the (recent) past deal that you never would have expected? Brace yourself, as Tuesday Morning is selling the Band Hero bundles for $29.99. This isn’t the bundle where it’s the PS2, PS3 or Xbox 360 game and a guitar. This is the big box. The ultimate bundle. This is the full instrument kit that used to cost $159.99 back in 2009.

This Band Hero bundle has everything a PS3 or Xbox 360 owners needs to get playing. You get the game, a guitar, a microphone and the drum kit. While you could still end up paying $100 or more for it in other places, Tuesday Morning has knocked it down to $29.99 both in-store and online. All you have to do is show up, grab a box and you’re set.

The downside is, the Xbox 360 Band Hero bundles and PS2 bundles are already sold out on the Tuesday Morning website. The PS3 bundle, however, is in stock. The shipping for it is also only $4.95, which makes this one killer deal.

This is a promotion that’s available in store and online. It’s already discounted online, but Tuesday Morning stores won’t have it on sale until February 10, 2013. If you know someone with a lot of spare room and a love for pop songs, this could be a tidy little bundle to snap up.

Even if you don’t like pop music, the Band Hero bundle could be a smart buy. The guitar, microphone and drum kit will work with all Activision music games, so it would work with the Guitar Hero line as well. Maybe find a cheap copy of Guitar Hero: World Tour or something to go with this bundle.

DS owners aren’t left out in this deal either. It’s barely worth mentioning, but the carpal tunnel inducing, handheld version of Band Hero is also available for $14.99 from $69.99. I’d recommend skipping that and going for one of the big boxes instead.

Product Page [Tuesday Morning]

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