Game Tank is fortress of solitude for gamers

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game tank

I like Kickstarter, I really do. The thing is, sometimes I run into really, well, unique ideas. Recently, a company called One Shot proposed a product called the Game Tank. The Game Tank is a large, roomy box to play your video games in, free of other distractions such as your cat, your spouse, and the neighbors banging on your door.

Okay, so I’m oversimplifying things a little bit. Game Tank does seem to be a very nice box. Judging from the rather sparse description on the Kickstarter website and some initial pictures, I would venture to say it’s a well ventilated, temperature controlled environment, with room to fit in a sizable wide screen TV, a game console, a chair, and a shelf full of games. You can also control the color of the lighting in your GameTank, which is pretty cool if you don’t just play video games in the dark. There are plans to install 5.1 surround sound, a rumble seat, and a “Emergency escape hatch” as well. You know, just in case your Xbox catches fire for some reason. The guys at One Shot are planning on marketing the Game Tank for home use. Donating the highest Kickstarter pledge tier ($2,500), will have them send you one of their prototypes directly to your front door.

I don’t know about you, but I would probably think twice before spending $2,500 on a large box that I would sit in to play my games. $2,500 dollars could buy an entire entertainment system, an incredibly large flat screen, or a high-end computer system. I’d rather show off one of those than a $2,500 Game Tank sitting in the corner of my living room. It seems like it’d just be taking up space.

While I don’t think there’s going to be a market for the Game Tank for home use, perhaps the guys at One Shot should consider selling the idea to video arcades and game centers that sell console time by the hour. I would totally pay for time to play in my own personal personal gaming cubicle at an arcade.

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