iPhone and iPod Touch gaming update for February 11, 2013

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If you caught this week’s episode of the Walking Dead, then you’ll probably want to check out Survivor Z on this week’s gaming update. If zombie apocalypse games aren’t your thing, than there are two classic arcade games brought right to the palm of your hands below:

No kicking tires and lighting fires here. In After Burner Climax, just choose your jet and get in the air. For $2.99, fly through 20 skylines as you play one of three different game modes unlocking achievements. Out gun the enemy and claim the skies for your own as you try and top the leaderboards.

Survivor Z is a $1.99 choose your-own-adventure/board game set 311 days after the events of ZDAY. Travel to different real-life locations, help or leave behind other survivors, and fight for your survival.

Metal Slug 2 is the $3.99 second addition to the action/arcade series. Play through Mission or Arcade modes as you fight to save POWs and rid of the enemy army. Play via co-op or just brag about your success through Game Center.

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