iPad gaming update for February 11, 2013

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Whether it’s a racing game, a strategy game, or a platformer the App Store always has something to accommodate every type of gaming need and this week is no exception. So scroll down and see what we have for you in this week’s iPad gaming update.

Sky Pirates Racing CE is an $8.99 racing game that gives you some “collectors edition” bonuses. Not only do you get 50,000 crystals and access to all 15 characters. Dress up your racer, customize your craft and hit the track against the AI or up to five friends.

Travel the island and restore peace in Totem Tribe Gold HD. This $6.99 adventure/strategy game asks players to travel to 32 different locations collecting totems, building up the island community, and save what became lost by the comet.

Cordy 2 is a free-to-play platformer starring Cordy and Volt as they try to free World 2 from the clutches of the Boogie Bots. Play the first 4 levels free and purchase the rest if you decide you enjoy the game.

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