Letters From Nowhere is free for Valentine’s Day

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letters from nowhere
I’m sure you have plans for Valentine’s Day already and gifts all set up, but if you don’t have someone special or something to do you can rely on G5. The company has decided to give away Letters from Nowhere, its romantic hidden object game, to all iOS and Android owners. It’s a special Valentine’s Day gift that’s already available now, and will be until February 17, 2013. While you may not have someone special, but Audry does and you can share in her story and joy.

Audry is the star of Letters from Nowhere. Her husband is missing and she’s alone, but suddenly strange letters have started showing up in her mailbox. She’s determined to find out where these letters are coming from and if her husband is still alive, but can’t do it unless you help her explore 48 different places for random objects that apparently have something to do with her quest for love. I have no idea how they’d be related, but they are. It’s a hidden object game – suspend belief! Just keep tapping and hope your device’s screen is small enough that you manage to click the right thing so the story proceeds.

So if you’re in the mood for a slightly romantic hidden object game that might just screw up your eyes if you decide to search for teensy, tiny objects on your smartphone instead of your tablet, get downloading. You can grab Letters from Nowhere from Amazon, iTunes and Google Play right now. I’m guessing I don’t have to tell you where to go to get the version you need for your Kindle, iOS or Android device? Good. Now get downloading before G5 decides to start charging for it again!

Just so you know, this promotion doesn’t apply to the Windows version of Letters from Nowhere. PC owners will have to get their free romantic fix from somewhere else. Maybe go check out Sakevisual’s RE: Alistair++. It’s free, and available for Windows, Mac and Linux!

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