In MLB 2K13 Perfect Game Challenge returns with new format

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The MLB 2K13 Perfect Game Challenge is back, with its third format in as many years. 2K Sports is still giving away $1 million, but it is dividing the prize pool among several more players. The scoring system 2K used last year will continue to rank the perfect games entered in the contest. It calculates how challenging a contestant’s perfect game was by noting the pitcher used and the strength of the opposing team. Ideally, you want to use a little-known pitcher and go perfect against a powerful team. Now, the top scorers with each of Major League Baseball’s 30 teams will each earn $25,000.

The top four players will journey to New York for a tournament in July during MLB’s All-Star Weekend. That tourney’s winner will get $250,000. There’s no word on official rules for the contest yet. After a 2012 controversy in which cheating allegations surrounded one of the contest finalists, here’s hoping 2K has made the rules clear. The MLB 2K13 contest begins April 1, 2013, MLB’s Opening Day. It runs through April 30. MLB 2K13 releases March 5 on the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.

In case you’re not a baseball fan, a “perfect” game is one in which the pitcher doesn’t allow any member of the opposing team to reach base. That’s 27 men up, 27 down. Of the thousands of pitchers to play pro baseball, only 23 have ever earned a perfect game.

Allowing more people a chance to win cash will certainly keep interest going longer. Those 30 winners will probably sing the praises of 2K Sports baseball games for life. While the games themselves haven’t been the best quality, the Perfect Game Challenge has generated a lot of positive publicity.

2K has released a new MLB 2K13 ad in which four MLB stars make their case for why you should pick them.

For a long time, it appeared there wouldn’t be an MLB 2K13. Take-Two was upfront that the past licensing deal didn’t work for them. Wedbush Morgan industry analyst Michael Pachter estimated the franchise was losing $30 million per year for Take-Two. Neither 2K or MLB released any details about the new licensing agreement and likely won’t. I suspect Take-Two got a much more favorable deal this time around.

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