You can get the exclusive 2013 Toy Fair’s blue Chop Chop Skylander

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blue chop chopTrue Skylanders fans get excited whenever a special event is happening and Activision’s showing up with the latest incarnation of the game, because it usually means a new version of the figure. The 2013 Toy Fair, for example, marks the debut of an exclusive metallic blue Chop Chop. E3 2012 saw the release of a metallic silver Spyro. These figures are supposed to only be available for event attendees, but as usual they’ve been leaked to general audiences. All eager fans have to do is head to eBay to find the rare, undead Skylander of their dreams.

This blue Chop Chop isn’t really all that different from the standard version Chop Chop Skylander Giants figure. It shares the same pose and abilities as the normal Chop Chop. The only thing that sets him apart his an awesome paint-job that leaves everything except his yellow eyes a shining blue. However, that simple change is enough to drive people mad.

It also means the blue Chop Chop is making people greedy. Head over to eBay and search for “blue chop chop skylander,” “toy fair chop chop” or something similar and you’ll be rewarded with multiple listings. These people were lucky enough to get into the 2013 Toy Fair, which isn’t open to the general public by the way, and are now hoping to capitalize on their good fortune. On the eBay search page I just linked to, the cheapest blue Chop Chop is currently at $105.49 and the most expensive has a “Buy It Now” price of $1,300. Amazingly enough, listings where the price is under $250 tend to have multiple bids on them.

Really though, you don’t need the blue Chop Chop in your life. It may look flashy, but it isn’t all that cool. In my experience, he’s not even one of the best characters. There are a lot others who look cooler and for the price you’d pay for one blue Chop Chop on eBay, you could get a copy of the game, a standard Chop Chop and a slew of other Skylanders and Skylanders Giants figures. Just keep in mind if you do buy the blue Chop Chop that it is a Skylanders Giants figure and, as such, will only work with Skylanders Giants and Skylanders Battlegrounds.

Image Source: eBay

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