Terraria will prove it can work on consoles in March 2013

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It’s only a month away. By this time in March, 2013, I could be playing Terraria on my PS3. Or some other person could be playing it on their Xbox 360. The port is near complete and it’s really, definitely happening. I just can’t wait. I have a practically pathological need to dig, build and conquer, and having Terraria on my PS3 is what I need to fill that void.

Granted, I know it won’t be everything I expect. That’s my own fault though, as I’m a Cheaty Mc. Cheaterson when it comes to the PC version, using an inventory manager mod to load my builder character up with all sorts of goodies so I can construct elaborate buildings, then going in with my standard character for actual playtime. Still, I’m willing to adjust and change my ways, and Terraria‘s March arrival on the PS3 and Xbox 360 will give me plenty of time to break my habit of giving my characters everything I want them to have immediately.

I’m reasonably optimistic about the whole Terraria console experience, mainly because I love the original game so much that I absolutely want this to work. A version with split-screen multiplayer, extra content and the ability to play easily online with my PSN friends would be a dream. Yes, I’m one of those people who has issues trying to get a Terraria multiplayer session running on my PC due to antivirus and internet things. A hassle-free encounter would be nice.

The one thing I want more than anything though is Terraria on the 3DS, Vita or Wii U. It would work well on all three, thanks to touch screen controls. The 3DS or Wii U would probably offer the best home for a Terraria port, as the second screen could be used entirely for inventory management or for faster home building. Of course, Re-Logic and 505 Games are only working on PS3 and Xbox 360 versions, but I hold hope in my heart that there could be more ports if people end up loving it enough.

Great, now I can’t imagine playing Terraria without a touch screen. How am I going to finish my post-apocalyptic PC map now?

Source [Joystiq]

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