Pokemon Rumble U is naturally a Wii U exclusive

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pokemon rumble u
Well, I just found another reason to buy a Wii U and if you all are anything like me, it’ll become a reason for you as well. Nintendo is continuing the Pokemon Rumble series with Pokemon Rumble U. It’s going back to its roots a bit though, as Pokemon Rumble U will be a Wii U eShop exclusive, just like the original Pokemon Rumble.

Which isn’t a bad thing. In fact, eShop exclusivity could make it easier for Nintendo to do a quick localization turn-around. I mean, a simultaneous, worldwide release of Pokemon Rumble U in Spring 2013 may be a bit much to ask, but perhaps there will only be a few weeks or months difference between regional releases.

What we don’t know about Pokemon Rumble U is how it will play. Initial screenshots shown in the Japanese Coro Coro magazine make it look very similar to Pokemon Rumble Blast, the 3DS incarnation. Two screenshots are very obviously are in a field with player pokemon battling wild pokemon, one seems to be a boss fight and the last seems like an arena battle. Still, we can’t know for sure until Nintendo tells us.

It is certain that Pokemon Rumble U will feature three notable improvements to the series. The first is that four people can play together at once. Whether this means there full coop for the story or competitive multiplayer for arena battles is unknown, but any multiplayer is good in a game like this. Pokemon Rumble U will also be the first entry in the series to offer every single pokemon. All 649 current pokemon will make an appearance and 100 of them could be on-screen at once for the series massive battles.

Like I said earlier, Pokemon Rumble U is another good reason to grab a Wii U. Yes, the Pokemon Rumble games get repetitive and ultimately are reduced to button-mash-fests, but they’re still a lot of fun.

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