Don’t fall for the $70 PSN messaging scam

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The PlayStation Network is no stranger to scams. Far too often I receive messages from individuals claiming to represent the PlayStation brand. They always offer a proposition that involves sending chain messages across the PlayStation Network in exchange for games and money. Most people will recognize these scams and move on, but some people actually fall for it. That’s why we want to tell you to avoid one of the latest scams that promise to credit your account nearly $70 for spreading the word.

The following message was waiting for me in my inbox when I logged on to the PlayStation Network this evening. The creator of the message doesn’t impersonate a specific Sony employee, but it is implied. The message hopes to trick users by playing on Sony’s generosity following the PSN hack of 2011.

Hi, psn users we are still feeling bad about what happened so instead of 2 free game we will give you an exclusive edition of modern warfare3 Uncharted 3 or Battlefield 3. Just send this message to all your friends and recent players. Then log off for 5 min so it can register correctly. Then log back on you should have received a message.  in that it should say you have $69.99,  believe me, it works

It doesn’t work. It’s all a lie. The poor grammar and punctuation in the message is a clear red flag. But there is something slightly different about this scam. It’s the first PSN scam I’ve seen that spilled over into the PS3’s chat function. I was invited into a chat about this subject where some 20 individuals entered and exited every other minute or so. The chat didn’t amount to anything, but it was a first nonetheless.

So there you go. If you get a message like this, just delete it or ignore it.

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