Throw Trucks with your Mind Kickstarter uses brainwaves to play

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As far as Kickstarter titles go, Throw Trucks with Your Mind is the most straightforward title I’ve seen in quite a while. This isn’t a game where you play as a character with psychic powers. Well, it is, but it’s much more than that. This is a game where you are literally using your mind to throw trucks in the game around.

Let me explain, Throw Trucks with your Mind is a game that uses an EEG brainwave sensor to track how focused you are on the game. The focus you put determines how powerful your attacks are.

Lets say you wanted to throw something, like a truck. You would aim your crosshair at the truck and start focusing on it. The truck will come towards or away from you depending on which power you chose, and how powerful that pull or push is depends on your mental focus. While this aspect of the game is controlled by your mind, the rest of the game operates like a traditional FPS, with the usual mouse and keyboard control scheme.

Throw Trucks with Your Mind is currently in it’s prototype phase. However, judging from the Kickstarter video, the game is completely feasible, and the results are mind blowing. (No pun intended)

I’m surprised no one came up with the idea sooner. I think the lack of an EEG headset in your usual household might be a factor in why no one has ventured into making mind controlled games yet. After all, an EEG peripheral isn’t terribly expensive. You can buy a Mind Wave EEG scanner for $79.99 on Neurosky. For those who want to purchase an EEG scanner for the sole purpose of playing Throw Trucks with Your Mind, the Kickstarter is offering the game bundled with an EEG scanner at the $125 tier.

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