Mass Effect Risk may ruin friendships

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mass effect riskI really think I’ve seen everything now. Mass Effect Risk: Galaxy at War Edition just puts me over the edge. Granted, this cross-over shouldn’t surprise anyone, since it would be a good fit. Some people can be different races or Reapers, all trying to take over the entire galaxy, but still. I did not expect this mash-up to ever happen and so I’m going to sit here stunned for a few minutes. Well, that and I’m going to start thinking how I’ll make new friends before this game is released in Fall 2013, because Mass Effect Risk will surely drive away the ones I’ve made.

In defense of Mass Effect Risk and Risk in general, I’ve never actually played the game. I’ve heard it can get long, tedious and ugly, with people getting quite competitive, sneaky and back-stabby. In one tale I was told, there was rampant cheating and in the other, a sore loser caused everyone else to stop playing. Seeing as how Mass Effect Risk would involve a whole galaxy, and not just Earth, and a number of races and places in a game that many people feel quite passionate about, it could lead to quite a few fights.

For example, when I play Mass Effect Risk, I’m going to want the Krogan and Turian homeworlds. Those are my two favorite races in the series and they are mine. If I get enough power, I may want to call dibs on the Geth as well, because they’re adorable. If I see someone start to encroach on my territory, it will be on.

Of course, I’m sure Mass Effect Risk won’t really tear my friends and I apart, or you and your friends apart. Hell, if we can play Mario Party, Dokopon, Monopoly and a number of other potentially divisive games together without fighting, we can play anything. It will just make for some heated gameplay experiences.

Granted, my friends and I never actually played any version of Risk together, but I’m confident in our bonds! Unless we have a group of more than four people and have to decide what to eat while we’re playing. Then things could get brutal.

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