EA turns its free-to-play focus towards Tetris Blitz

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EA has developed an increased focus on free-to-play and microtransaction business models for its games. Shortly after revealing Real Racing 3 will be free-to-play, EA announced it’s doing the same thing with a new Tetris game. Tetris Blitz will come oozing with in-game purchases this spring when it’s released for iOS and Android.

Tetris Blitz will utilize fast gameplay sessions similar to that of Bejeweled Blitz. Players will have two minutes to score as many points as possible by clearing straight lines across the playing field. Power-ups will also be offered to aid the line-clearing experience. My guess is some power-ups will be made available to you free of charge, but spending some real coin will place them in your inventory immediately. EA also says it’ll offer new power-ups every week.

What’s a free-to-play mobile game without social networking integration right? For Tetris Blitz, Facebook Connect will be an option to consider if you wanted to beat the high scores of friends, or engage in different weekly competitions.

I know the thought of EA making anything free-to-play is enough to make some of you cringe, but things may be different with Tetris Blitz. Everyone will be restricted to a couple minutes of gameplay regardless of how much money they spend. I’d imagine any real money put into this game will simply aid players in climbing the leaderboard ranks. That’s what I’m hoping at least. EA could always surprise us in the most unpleasant way.

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