Gas Powered Games finds a new owner in Wargaming

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Gas Powered Games made headlines recently after it bet the company on a Kickstarter project for an action adventure game called Wildman. Since it appeared Wildman wasn’t likely to raise the $1.1 million it needed to complete development, the Kickstarter was canceled. In lieu of shutting the company down, GPG CEO Chris Taylor opted to look for another way to keep the doors open. Today, we’ve learned Wargaming has stepped in and purchased GPG for an undisclosed amount.

Wargaming also recently acquired Day 1 Studios this year for $20 million. With these two developers under its umbrella, Wargaming will have a little more strength as it continues its plan to enter multiplatform console development.

The announcement we received made no mention on the future of Wildman. Theoretically, funding for its development would come from Wargaming. However, as the new owner of GPG, Wargaming doesn’t have to invest in Wildman if it doesn’t want to. We’ve asked Wargaming what its plans are with Wildman, but were told the company doesn’t have any further information to share with us at this time.

From a humanitarian standpoint, it’s good to see GPG sticking around for the sake of its employees. There’s no telling what would have happened if Wargaming hadn’t come into the picture. I do find it interesting how Wargaming has acquired two struggling developers in a short period of time to bolster its console efforts. Wargaming had all the influence in both of these cases. Either sell to them, or risk going under.

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