Fire Emblem: Awakening Golden Pack is worth it just for The Golden Gaffe

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fire emblem awakening golden pack dlcToday, Fire Emblem: Awakening fans get the DLC ever. Nintendo has decided to start release the Fire Emblem: Awakening Golden Pack on February 14, 2013. It’s the best Valentine’s Day DLC I’ve ever seen. While the three maps included within, The Golden Gaffe, EXPonential Growth and Infinite Regalia are available separately for $2.50 each, the best bet for any player is to grab the Fire Emblem: Awakening Golden Pack for $6.

The thing is, even though only one of the three maps is immediately available, my experience with The Golden Gaffe has convinced me that the Fire Emblem: Awakening Golden Pack is the map pack to get. These are the grinding maps. There’s no side-story here. All you’re getting is the opportunity to load your party up with gold, experience or equipment and I’d say that opportunity is well worth the $6 if The Golden Gaffe is any indication.

The Golden Gaffe map is all about money. Vincent and Victor, two thugs who appeared in some side-quests earlier in the story, appear first to discuss killing Risen for gold. When Vincent questions why Risen, undead warriors, would be carrying gold, Victor says, “Nuffin’ makes sense ‘ere mate, so don’t try to suss it out.” It then switches over to Chrom and company. Lissa reports that Risen have stolen her gold, and Frederick shows up to report that all the company’s personal savings were stolen. It’s time to tackle The Golden Gaffe!

The map is fairly straightforward. There are 18 Risen on screen, carrying 80,000 gold total. Of those, there is one level 1 dark mage with 1,000G, one level 1 thief with 1,000G, two level 10 thieves with 3,000G, four level 10 dark mages with 3,000G, one level 10 barbarian with 3,000G, one level 5 berserker with 5,000G, two level 5 tricksters with 5,000G, one level 20 berserker with 7,000G, two level 20 sorcerers with 7,000G and three level 20 tricksters with 7,000G. They won’t attack, but will counter-attack if a unit attacks them. They just steadily march forward, waiting to picked off.

I recommend using Pegasus Knights who have learned the Galeforce skill, which allow them to attack again after defeating an enemy, on this map. That way you can clear it quickly. Units with high defense, like a Knight or General, are good against the barbarians, berserkers and tricksters. For the sorcerers and dark mages, have units with high resistance like the Pegasus Knights I mentioned earlier. Healers aren’t necessary unless party members that haven’t advanced to a secondary class are on the field.

I especially like The Golden Gaffe because it can also be used to level-grind characters. As I mentioned earlier, half the Risen on this map are advanced class units. It’s a good way to prepare lower level advanced class units that may not be ready for a story match fight. Plus, the gold reward is a great way to get money for Second Seals and Master Seals for, you guessed it, more grinding. As usual, there are also two sparkling spots on the map where units could gain experience, weapon proficiency or find a random item by standing on them..

As an added bonus, the character commentary is quite funny for this Fire Emblem: Awakening Golden Pack. Before party members attack a Risen, they make some quip about how they’re disappointed. My favorite so far is Kellam, as he’s mad his gold wasn’t stolen, even though it was in a big sack marked “Gold” in his tent.

Unfortunately, if you buy the Fire Emblem: Awakening Golden Pack, you can’t immediately play The Golden Gaffe, EXPonential Growth and Infinite Regalia. Only The Golden Gaffe is playable now. EXPonential Growth will be released February 21, 2013 and Infinite Regalia comes on February 28, 2013. On the plus side, getting the Golden Pack means when they are available, all a player has to do is connect to the internet while in the game to download the new maps instantly.

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