Tamagotchi returns for a new life on Android

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Nearly everyone in their 20s remembers Tamagotchis and Giga Pets. These things came onto the scene and eventually found their way into the pockets of countless young adults. Even though everyone’s Tamagotchi ended up being literally neglected to death, they still hold a place in our hearts. Well my friends, it’s time to resurrect your beloved Tamagotchi pets with a new Android app from Namco Bandai. 

Don’t worry, Namco Bandai didn’t bring Tamagotchi back just to drain your bank account for in-game purchases. This game is completely free, but it does contain some inconveniently placed ads. If you know of a way around that, you’ll find it behaves very similarly to the old school Tamagotchi toys.

The crude electronic art and three hardware buttons are still there. The only thing that was given a modern twist is the menu system. There are icons that let you feed, entertain, wash and discipline your Tamagotchi as you see fit. You can also keep an eye on the status of your pet by either manually checking the game, or opting in to the notifications system.

Seeing how it’s Valentine’s Day, Tamagotchi’s returned at the best possible time. Sadly, I feel we’ll eventually cast them aside just like we did so many years ago. Remember us as we were dear Tamagotchi. Remember how we were before we replaced you to free up space for yet another Angry Birds game.

Download Link [Google Play]

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