Internet rumors say The Last Guardian is a PS4 game now

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the last guardian
Gather around readers, the rumor mill is turning! NeoGAF user KennyLinder, allegedly a former Sony Computer Entertainment employee, says that The Last Guardian is a PS4 game. According to this internet informant, Team ICO’s game has been in development for the PS4 for a while. If you’re tempted to start a slow clap chain, let me assure you that I’m doing the same over here. This “news” is hardly unexpected or surprising and I think we’ve all pretty much expected it since we haven’t seem much of it since its 2009 announcement.

The rumor goes even deeper, however, This KennyLinder also says that The Last Guardian has been restarted multiple times. That isn’t a good sign for a game. Two of the last, recent games I can remember that faced similar development woes include Duke Nukem Forever and Aliens: Colonial Marines. We both saw how those turned out. It guess it also means I shouldn’t be using that awesome screenshot from a few years ago, back when Sony and Team Ico were actually putting out The Last Guardian media to tease us. It’s probably quite out of date if the game has truly been restarted repeatedly.

I absolutely believe it. I can’t remember when I said it, but I know a few months ago I either said on my Twitter or in an entry here that The Last Guardian wouldn’t be appearing on our PS3s because it got bumped to a spot as a PS4 launch title. Granted, the talk on NeoGAF and from Fumito Ueda’s website makes it sound as though it is still in eternal development, so odds are it won’t make the console’s launch. Still, I say we go ahead and believe this rumor. The Last Guardian will appear on our PS4s. Let’s accept it, move on and hope its long development cycle doesn’t make it a hot mess like Aliens: Colonial Marines or Duke Nukem Forever.

The question now is, can we trust The Last Guardian? Look at the development woes and the delays. The movement of staff. We haven’t even seen decent screenshots or trailers in a year. This game isn’t an day-one purchase for me anymore, what about you?

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