Grab your 2013 PlayStation Event PS4 bingo card

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On February 20, 2013, all questions will be answered. Well, so long as most of your questions were directed at Sony and concerned the PlayStation 4. Sony is holding a special press conference next week and we’re all pretty sure it’s about the PS4. I’m sure most of us who are able will either be in front of our computers or smartphones to watch the 6pm EST conference to find out what we can expect from Sony in 2013. Still, sometimes just watching isn’t enough. Sometimes you have to keep track of the night’s events in a fun way. Which is why GamerTell is here to provide you with a handy 2013 PlayStation Event PS4 bingo card.

2013 playstation event ps4 bingo card

Fellow editor Jeremy Hill and I have gone through all of the PS4 rumors and our personal expectations and slapped them onto a 2013 PlayStation Event PS4 bingo card you have have at your side as you watch the show. We’ve got a nice mix of games, expectations, and even a few PS3 and Vita announcements in case the event isn’t all about the PS4. Personally, I’m rooting for backwards compatibility, under $400 and PlayStation Plus for PS4.

As mentioned earlier, the 2013 PlayStation Event is going down February 20, 2013 at 6pm EST/5pm CST/3pm PST. an official website has already opened for it. If you visit, you can provide your email so Sony can alert you when it begins. Bookmark that page, because that is where you’ll be able to watch the livestream of the event. If you’re going to be somewhere where you can’t watch video, don’t worry. GamerTell will be live-blogging the event so you will be covered.

Okay, now I’m all excited! I’m hoping for a few PS4 game announcements at the event, as you can see above. I didn’t go with too many third party games because this is such a Sony-centric event, but a part of me is wondering if I should have put Persona 5 on one of those squares.

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    What if for some magical reason they don’t announce the ps4? Do we still get the free space?

    • Jenni Lada

      Of course. But there’s no way they won’t announce the PS4. ;D