Who would buy Aliens: Colonial Marines DLC now?

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aliens: colonial marines dlc
We see Aliens: Colonial Marines for what it is now. It is a deeply flawed game that has perhaps left an indelible stain on both Sega and Gearbox Software. Which begs the question, who would actually buy Aliens: Colonial Marines DLC, knowing what the game is like and how unbearable an experience it is? It is a short, miserable, glitchy, ugly and overpriced game. Some people have even been reporting the Xbox 360 version is trying to save people from itself by wiping out their save files. I can’t imagine anyone wanting to pay more money so they can spend more time with this game.

The Aliens: Colonial Marines DLC won’t be stopped. Sega, Gearbox, TimeGate, Demiurge, Nerve and who knows who else have already commited to four add-ons. The season pass is already for sale for $29.99/2400 Microsoft Points and people who pre-ordered the game from certain stores received it for free and perhaps even activated it. The companies now have an obligation to come through. Still, the thought of people willingly grabbing Aliens: Colonial Marines DLC as its released between March and August, 2013 is unimagineable.

The first Aliens: Colonial Marines DLC has been announced and, surprise, Bug Hunt is a multiplayer add-on. It includes a new gameplay mode with three maps. The vague wording makes it unclear if those three maps are just for the new mode or for all multiplayer modes, but whatever. I’ll admit that the multiplayer is probably the only salvageable part of the Aliens: Colonial Marines experience. Maybe someone might be willing to chip in a few bucks to build on that so the overall $59.99 investment hurts a little less.

However, Bug Hunt’s new mode is a horde mode. For those unfamiliar with the term, it means that relentless waves of enemies launch themselves at players, with the difficulty gradually increasing for about 10 waves. This is problematic as a rock is more intelligent than one of the Xenomorphs in Aliens: Colonial Marines. I’ve opened doors in the game, seen an enemy in the other room look at me, and then watch it do absolutely nothing until I actually walked right in front of it. I’ve witnessed enemies go after whichever opponent is closest and moving, relentlessly throwing themselves at one player without any semblence of srategy. Facing waves of xenomorphs identical to the ones in the game is something I do not want.

Not to mention a horde mode continues to go against the Xenomorph attack patterns we’ve seen in the movies. These aliens are intelligent and sneaky. They should be playing shadow games, striking when people least expect it, not all bearing down on a group of marines at once. Yes, I know this is a game, but it’s unrealistic.

But maybe the developer(s) can fix that. Maybe the Aliens: Colonial Marines DLC will have improved AI. Even if that does happen, improved AI is only half the battle. The Xenomorphs would need to be more than just smarter to make Bug Hunt and subsequent add-ons worthwhile. They’d have to look better too. Animations are so flawed that some Xenomorphs seem to stutter in place. I could go on, but I think it would be more effective to share a now internet-famous video from a user named Grizzl360 to prove my point.

This is a thing that happens in Aliens: Colonial Marines and it isn’t an isolated incident. No one should be eager to give developers and a publisher money to play more of something like this. It would be like rewarding them for their bad behavior.

Obviously, people aren’t going to go buying Bug Hunt without first seeing what others’ experience is like. If it shares even some of the problems of Aliens: Colonial Marines, people will run. There’s no way people will trust it, or any of the other optional add-ons. If a new single or cooperative campaign expansion is announced, players can cite the terrible script and gameplay of the existing campaign. If multiplayer map packs are announced, players could point out how the multiplayer is currently failing to entertain them.

Sega, Gearbox, TimeGate, Demiurge and Nerve can’t win. No one will rush to purchase Aliens: Colonial Marines DLC now that they see what the game is like and it would probably be more cost effective to only put out Bug Hunt, since it already has a March 2013 release window and is likely finished, cancel the rest and give anyone who purchased the season pass a refund. Let’s call Aliens: Colonial Marines a wash and try to pretend it never happened.

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  • Tony

    Wow what a harsh review. I guess you fell outta the wrong side of bed or your rag slipped, but i loved the game and will definately be purchasing all dlc. Loved it. like to see you do better.

    • Robin

      Oh God, “I’d like to see you do better.” This is not how the world works. It is not up to consumers or critics to do better than the products or services they are being asked to buy or review. That is not OUR job. It is up to the people providing the product or service to take the feedback and improve their product or service. Not only do they need us more than we need them (no business succeeds without customers), but if we stop criticizing, then they will put forth minimum effort every time. If you ate at an expensive restaurant and your food was bland, you would not say “Oh well, it was better than what I could do.” Clearly a child speaking out of ignorance and with a bit of misogyny. When he grows up, he’ll look back on his childhood, as we all do, and think “I can’t believe I liked that game.”

    • Sam

      Here here! I friggin loved the game. what games aren’t without their problems these days? that’s what updates and patches are for. I have already purchased the season pass and will download all the DLC. so speak for yourself and keep your one sided reviews to yourself. you obviously are not a true fan of the series. probably one of those idiots who enjoyed the most recent Call Of Duty, which looks great but completely sucks on gameplay. then again that’s only my opinion and others may like it. but I don’t run around telling the world how much it sucks and I don’t think anyone will/should buy it. I stopped listening to bone heads that write this kind of crap a long time ago. hopefully the world will do the same. way to go Tony! 😉

  • Eric Hartman

    Wow Tony. First off this wasn’t a review – it was an article about how the author does not believe the DLC will sell, and your disgusting comment about her womanhood seems indicative of the maturity level it might take to find some enjoyment in this… “game”

  • pete81182

    i got to say YES it has its problems and YES it needs some TLC . but all in all its a good game and if gearbox are willing to improve & build on it i will gladly pay out for DLC . oh and FYI colonial marines is topping the UK charts – HA

    • Jenni Lada

      That is true. If the developers involved were to really go overboard on patching and making amends on DLC, it could turn around.

      However, rumor is Gearbox isn’t handling DLC. Supposedly Demiurge and Nerve are. Gearbox was allegedly only responsible for the multiplayer (which was the best part of the game). If Sega and Gearbox came forward, however, and said Gearbox would definitely, 100% be developing all DLC, then it would be a different story.

    • Sam

      HOO RAH!!! way to go UK! 😉 you obviously have great taste, and that’s coming from an American hehe :p.

  • Nathan K

    This reviewer obviously has not played the game. Ive have played the game a couple times thru. I have not seen any of these glitches people are bitching about. I have not had any problems.

    The worse part about this game is when it teleports you… But most co-op shooters do that including Halo/ Gears of War… so thats not a problem.

    the game paints a great aliens atmosphere and is very fun to play. To the Reviewer Get Bent.

    • Jenni Lada

      I played it: And I got stuck for 15 minutes on the last QTE boss battle. I didn’t mention it however, and even waited to publish my review, because I knew a patch was coming out to fix that particular glitch and it didn’t seem fair to bring it up.

      Just because you aren’t having problems, doesn’t mean they don’t exist. I’m glad you’re enjoying the game.

    • Robin

      You never saw any of those problems, so everyone else must be lying. Dozens of reviewers and countless consumers, all lying in a massive anti-Alien conspiracy!

      • Jenni Lada

        I have to admit, I giggled. XD And possibly imagined a Xenomorph saying, “I don’t get no respect!” in Rodney Dangerfield’s voice.

  • Joe

    I seriously wonder if people have seen the Aliens movie recently. I only ask this because there is a scene in Aliens in which the USCM place two Sentry Turrets in a corridor with each loaded with 500 rounds of ammo.

    Needless to say, the Aliens keep “charging forward” as these two automated weapons burn through 1000 rounds of ammo. The Aliens didn’t “use the shadows” here, as it took many of them to die before they got the hint.

    But those who complain about the Aliens AI know this, right?

  • empath

    The reviewer obviously has no knowledge of the movies and different types of the movies, play the game until levelcap and then return to review.
    Man, this game is an absolutly brilliant alien-blast. Don’t belive the masses…if you’re a fan of the movies, this game is for you. If you don’t know and love the movies be cautious…this game has not the crysis or cod style…this is Aliens and A:CM does a really great job delivering the movies atmosphere and style!
    In my opinion graphics and animations are top notch…but I’m playing on PC…so I can’t compare to console versions…
    But it’s all a matter of taste, isn’t it!?

  • Sam

    Oorah to ashes Marine! a true fan here as well and I’m in full agreement with you on everything you said chief.

    Pre-ordered Collectors Edition: Purchased (Worth every penny)
    Season Pass: Purchased (Waiting impatiently for expansions)

    I only need to know one thing… where they are!

  • iorost

    Wow…gotta love the Gearbox shills trolling the internet blindly defending their product. Good thing there’s some intelligent, unbiased people like the writer of this article. All it takes is some prior experience with games to know that this is a disgrace. anyone who buys the DLC- good for you. I compare your enjoyment of the game to ignorance…How I wish I could be so ignorant and easily pleased as you, honestly I do, I’d probably be a happier person. Sadly I’ve been cursed with the ability to think.

    • Sam


      Did we forget to take our meds this morning? Honestly brother don’t hate on people who love the game. I read your reply and was just like wow this guy needs some serious help with his anger management issues.
      And sorry but your ability to think is indeed lacking as it’s all over your reply (as short and not so well thought out as it was). This guy does not have an unbiased opinion. He completely drags the game down, absolutely no compliments what so ever (and this game can get plenty and has in fact received plenty) and he then proceeds to tell everyone that he thinks everyone is going to run from the game. Yeah, uh huh, that indeed sounds unbiased to me. (sarcasm just in case you couldn’t figure that out with your massive intellect) a true unbiased opinion will give as many compliments as there are flaws and tell everyone what to look out for. This man does not do that. He only tells everyone they should release one expansion and then shut it down and forget it ever happened… um yeah great article, Very unbiased. I think you and this guy need to have your heads examined or maybe some psychiatric help for those beatings you might have taken as a child, you know to cure that insufferable anger you have.

      This will be the last time I comment on this forum as it seems to draw most of the ignorant parts of our spieces to it. save for a few comments I did like on here trying to defend the game.

      • Jenni Lada

        Uh, you do realize I’m a woman and not a man, right Sam?

        With an opinions article, you aren’t supposed to be unbiased. The definition of opinion is to take a stance on something. I took the stance that I’d never pay for A:CM DLC and I found it hard to imagine anyone else could or would considering Gearbox Software and Time Gate’s final product.

        Also, when presenting an argument, you don’t try to present both sides. Any good English or debate teacher will tell you that the key is to use all facts to support only your position.

        If you want an unbiased article, you read a news story. Not a review or opinions piece.

        I didn’t say Gearbox/Time Gate/Demi Urge/Whatever other companies got caught up in this to only release one expansion. I said they should cut their losses, refund the Season Pass money and release no DLC.

        And the reason I wrote the commentary I did was because I played (and beat) Aliens: Colonial Marines. I saw glaring problems, things that should never have made it past Q&A testing. I reported back on what I saw.

        On Metacritic, A:CM has 42% for PS3 version, 48% for Xbox 360 version and 44% for PC version. The user review totals for the three versions are even lower. I’m glad you enjoyed the game, but I didn’t and it seems a lot of other people feel the same.

        • Sam

          First: “Uh, you do realize I’m a woman and not a man, right Sam?”

          Well no I didn’t know that. But after reviewing who wrote it yes I do now. Thanks for the correction. Sorry but I don’t really pay attention to sex and/or names of who wrote it and it doesn’t usually matter one way or the other. But since you seemed to take offence (or be sarcastic) my apologies if this was the case. I surely would not like being referred to as a woman if it were my article ;).

          Second: “With an opinions article, you aren’t supposed to be unbiased”

          I don’t think you really read what I wrote and who I replied to. I mentioned your article and some of what you said yes, but I was replying to another person who was being ignorant on this page. Hence the reason I put “@iorost”. And I actually started the whole reply with it, so this was not directed at you. Now if you go back and read what and who I actually replied to, it might make more sense to you and you will see that your entire second paragraph concerning opinions was not needed or warranted.

          Third: “The definition of opinion is to take a stance on something”:

          I know what the definition of opinion is but thanks for the refresher. Always good to be reminded eh? 😀 I have opinions just like everyone else and you are entitled to yours, which was never debated as you put it. Again the reply that you in fact replied to was being directed at someone else (sorry if that’s confusing). I’m sorry you did not enjoy the game and I really wish you had because it is a very fun game for me and many other people and I would have loved to kill a few bugs with you. but you are entitled to your opinion. By the way have you played the new expansion Bug Hunt? It’s actually done very well and I’m excited to see what the future expansions and patches will bring. That’s assuming you have an open mind and always give things a second or third chance.

          Fourth: “On Metacritic, A:CM has 42% for PS3 version, 48% for Xbox 360 version and 44% for PC version”

          As for “Metacritic” I could care less what they think or what any of them think to be completely honest. Critics are almost always wrong about pretty much everything which is why I do my own research. Speaking about something and giving it a score is again (here we go with your favorite word) an opinion which I honestly believe most people should keep to themselves. People tend to believe the bad things more than they do the good. when you give your opinion to someone and its a negative review with no good sides to it. You can chase allot of people away from it, which some people get off on (This is in no way directed at you) which hurts the gaming community. When in fact they may have loved it but trusted your judgment to be correct. I do prefer the unbiased approach to things which is why I jumped on the person who said you were unbiased in your article. He and/or She is the one you should be giving lessons in definitions to.

          Sorry this was so long, trust me it could have been longer :p. Now do I personally agree with your article. Of course not I think we covered that. But I respect your opinion. Thanks for taking the time to respond and take care.

  • NeverPreOrder

    My gripe with the game is: this is not what this clown Pitchford was so full of himself with when he was going through his E3 demo. I dont care who’s the one to blame, Gearbox wanted all the limelight, this disaster is on Gearbox. Very happy you guys like what you received, but the only thing this bait-and-switch has in common with that demo is the title of the game. And for all you ‘Alien Fans’ so proud that you’re supporting your hobby, what you’ve really done is support and condone LAZY development. No AAA game should ever come out into retail looking like this…and from the people who just came off of Borderlands 2?! Still not sure why someone hasnt been sued over this yet…oh right! Cause video games are for kids, so we dont need to regulate it, right?
    9B/ year industry getting richer and richer off of crap like this and the working man’s dime.

  • AgenKolar66

    I must say, this comments section is rather disappointing. No one seems able to intelligently argue for, or against, the game without insulting the opposition. Personally, I loved the game. I found the story very much in keeping with the franchise’s established tone, and tearing through xenos was a blast. I didn’t run into any of the reported glitches (I guess I’m just lucky that way- none of my games seem to glitch up). The gameplay was solid, if a bit underwhelming, and it lacked weight, but it was FUN. And really, that’s all some of us really need. I am sorry that so many people didn’t enjoy it, but I don’t think we should write the game off as a total loss.