Bioshock Infinite’s new “Truth from Legend” trailer explains Songbird

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With Bioshock Infinite coming out in about a month, trailers for the game have been coming down like water from a waterfall. This new trailer serves as a part two to Irrational Games’ psudo-documentary, Truth From Legend: Columbia, A Modern Day Icarus?, a trailer series that explains parts of the game’s backstory through a series of old, 80s style documentary footage, sort of like the outdated documentaries that you saw in elementary school.

But enough talk about the BioShock Infinite trailer. Let’s just watch it.

Part two in the Truth from Legend? series focuses on the iconic Songbird, a gigantic, bird-like creature that you encounter throughout Bioshock Infinite. According to the trailer, the Songbird is a fairy tale in Columbia. It is said to kidnap naughty children and kill them. The trailer continues on, speculating on the existence of this creature, only concluding that it exists after it shows film footage of it.

It’s after we get past the Songbird that things get interesting. The trailer mentions “The Lamb of Columbia”, which we can only assume is Elisabeth. Apparently this “Lamb” was revered by the citizens of Columbia, and it seemed that the Songbird was tasked with keeping the “Lamb” from others. Everything is pure speculation right now, but judging from one of the posters that showcased the “Lamb of Columbia”, I assume that Elisabeth’s reality tearing powers threatened Zacheriah Comstock’s power in Columbia. He locked her up and used the Songbird as a jailor.

I’m really starting to like the way that Irraional Games is slowly letting out more information about BioShock Infinite in a creative way as its March 26, 2013 release date draws near. Its also a good sign that the game will finally be released. A media blitz such as this one can only mean it will definitely be released in March. I would be heartbroken if it was delayed again.

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