Leaked poster reveals Watch Dogs release window

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According to a recently leaked poster from a Gamestop, Watch Dogs, the highly anticipated cyberpunk adventure game from Ubisoft, will probably be released during this holiday season. The gameplay trailer for Watch Dogs took the show at last year’s E3, and promises to be one game to look for this winter.














The leaked posters also hint that the game will be released for “All home consoles”, which is vague enough to welcome some speculation. Will the game come out on the next-gen Xbox and the PS4? What about the Wii U? Will the game also support the last-gen gaming consoles like the PS3 and 360? The Ouya and Nvidia’s SHIELD’s releases are just around the corner too, so they count under the umbrella term of “home consoles”.

The leak raises more questions than it answers, which I suppose is appropriate with a game about cyber espionage. It’s likely that the game will probably released for next generation consoles, including the Wii U. Computer hacking using the Wii U’s tablet screen has the potential to be really cool.

This might just be wishful thinking on my part, but I’d love to see the game come out for every platform. From the next-gen systems to the current gen systems, and also the less mainstream consoles such as the Ouya and SHIELD. A game about how all pervasive technology is, should be all pervasive, going through every game console like an unstoppable computer virus. Of course, this would be a costly endeavor, but I can dream.

Along with this leaked information, Ubisoft has also revealed that Watch Dogs used to be a Driver sequel. I believe they made the right decision to go for a new franchise than create another sequel, especially with the new ideas Watch Dogs brings to the table.

Let us hope that Watch Dogs comes out on the holidays. We could use a game that releases on time. I’m Looking at you,The Last of Us.

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