iPhone and iPod Touch gaming update for February 18, 2013

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Whether you feel like building a village and defending against skeletons or taking on aliens or even fighting your way through the streets of Russia, there’s an app for that… a gaming app that is. Here’s what’s fresh in this week’s gaming update.

Sela The Space Pirate is a $1.99 shooter that puts players into a position to help Sela clean up space of aliens and make a ton of money, meanwhile avoiding the space police in the process.

PixelVillage is a $0.99 real-time strategy, sim, and defense game that has players building a village and surviving for as long as possible or through the 7 act story mode.

DIE HARD crashes the theaters, Russia, and now your iDevices with this $0.99 action game. Step into the shoes of Jack McClane as you take on mobs, commandos, and more in the fight to stop nuclear terrorism.

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